Duplicate bridge results and tip: bidding big hands of 20-21 points


By Valerie Rhead


Previously we looked at RESPONDING to opener bidding SUPER HANDS of 22 plus points.


What do you respond when your partner makes an opening Two-No-Trump bid, showing 20-21 points and a balanced or semi-balanced hand?  It takes a partnership about 25 points to have a shot at game in No-Trump, Hearts or Spades, and about 28 points for the minors Clubs and Diamonds.  If you have at least five points and a four-card major, you may make a Stayman response by bidding three clubs.  (20 + 5 = game.)

If you have a five-card major or a six-card minor, you may make a Transfer, bidding the suit below your best suit.  You can make the Transfer with as few as ZERO POINTS!  It is easier to play three Hearts with a seven card fit than Two-No-Trump with a worthless dummy!  If you have neither a four-card nor five-card major, you can bid 3 No-trump with five points.

Subsequently we will talk about opening and responding to BIG HANDS of 18-21 points that are unbalanced.  Good Luck!

If you wish to promote an activity in your bridge group, send the information to [email protected] and I will include it in this column.

TOURNAMENT TRAIL:  Silver Points, North Bay
April 22-24, 2016 North Bay Elks Club, 325 Elks Lane
Pairs Friday 1 & 7pm; Saturday  10:30am and 3pm; Sunday Swiss 10am
To confirm the details, read the tournament flyer at http://tournaments.acbl.org/schedule.php?tourid=23270
Your opportunity for fun and to earn silver points. Stratification based on average:
Open A = 1500+, B = 500-1500, C = 0-500, also 299 game and 50 newcomer game

With ACBL Bridge Teacher  GREG COLES
Seminars and Games for both Duplicate and Progressive Bridge
Tips in Bidding, Play and Defense
Workshop: Avoiding Simple Mistakes
Friday – Sunday Apr 22-24, 2016 $395 per person double Plus Tax and Service
This is another fun opportunity to continue the learning process that never ends. For more information and registration, go to www.fernresort.com OR (705)325-2256  1-800-567-3376


Games for the Huntsville Club are Tuesdays, 7:15pm, Trinity United Church 33 Main Street.  Please arrive at least 15 minutes early.  Call Betty 705-789-2560 [email protected] or Susan at 705-789-7156 [email protected] for information and partnerships.  The evening game continues downstairs in the warm basement until the crowd becomes too large.  To avoid the long stairs, enter from the door on Main Street.

The following winners are for Tuesday, Apr 12 with 5 tables playing a Mitchell movement.  North-South 1. Chris Karn and Vern Foell; 2. Beryl Clayson and Paul Clayson; 3. Helen Pearson and Yvonne Cox; East-West 1. Jim Smith and Ralph Mitchell; 2. Barb Green and Joanne Garvey; 3. Bev Parlett and B arb Forth


Games for the Bracebridge Club are Mondays. 7pm, Knox Presbyterian Church, 120 Taylor Road.  Please arrive 15 minutes before game time.  For information or partnerships, call Brian at 705-645-5340 [email protected]

The following winners are from Monday, Apr 11 with 7 tables playing a Mitchelll movement.  North-South 1. Mary Luke and Donna McIntosh; 2. Bev Parlett and Vern Foel; 3. Mary Hogarth and Albert Eatock; 4. Ralph Hair and Gerry Flaherty; East-West 1. Liz Barnes and David Bryce; 2. Art Insley and Don Evans; 3. Kel Andresen and Jim Smith; 4. Gail Lederer and Nancy Barber

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