It’s Wayback Wednesday: One Tree Island



Welcome to Wayback Wednesday!

Every week, we’ll be sharing a vintage photo and asking our readers to chime in with anything you can recall about the photo, other related memories, or even a funny caption.

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This week: It’s not hard to figure out how One Tree Island got its name. Do you know which of Huntsville’s lakes this island calls home? Can you tell us anything else about it? (This image was shared with us by Peter Brown – thanks, Peter! Original photo by Annabelle Studio.)

Last week we shared this photo with you:

Timber and the tannery weren’t Huntsville’s only early industries. This was the Hall Woollen Mill, which operated from the late 1800s to 1907.

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  1. Brian Tapley on

    ONE TREE ISLAND is in Fairy Lake. In about the late 60’s or maybe 70s, some idiot went out and “cut the tree”. Why, nobody knows, so now it is just SHRUB ISLAND but it is still and always shall be located in Fairy Lake!

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