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Do you recognize this Main Street building? Do you know any of its history? (Photo courtesy of Huntsville: More Pictures from the Past, a project by the Heritage Huntsville committee)

Wayback Wednesday is sponsored by Cavalcade Color Lab


Last week we shared this photo with you:


This vintage photo shows an old Algonquin Outfitters pickup stacked with 15 to 16 canoes. We know the photo was taken in the summer of 1967, but not where. It’s somewhere in Algonquin Park, but the location has even Algonquin Outfitters staff stumped.

“So much has changed in Algonquin Park since (then),” says AO’s Marketing Manager, Randy Mitson, who supplied the photo. “This parking lot may not even exist anymore. It’s a north facing larger lake in Algonquin Park so that means most likely north of Hwy 60.”

Randy thinks it might be Tea Lake; Gord at AO disagrees. Doppler readers guessed that it could be Smoke Lake or Opeongo.

A few readers added some extra details:

Peggy Hurley says: “I worked at AO during this period. I believe Jeremy Phillips was the driver and the pick up location was Opeongo Lake Access point.”

Jay Faulkner tells us that “Larry Zimmer stacked those prospectors. He was an expert at that and still holds the land speed record from Oxtongue to the Bayview Hotel!!”

And Bob Forde noted that “If you look close through the windshield through to the passenger window, it looks like Larry Zimmer tying them down, in his famous ‘Tripper’ hat.”

Good spotting, Bob!

For know, the mystery of this photo’s location remains unsolved. If you have details to add, make a comment below!

(This photo was originally posted by @nfocalypse on Twitter back on September 4, 2018.)

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  1. Alfred Montpetit on

    I believe it was taken at Smoke Lake as Molly’s Island is visible over the roof of the station wagon. Also, the dock is correct for that time period. I worked at AO from 1962 to 1967 and if I remember correctly this is the second half ton owned by AO. The first one was an older model green Chev. This blue truck had racks that were extra wide (illegal) to hold 4 canoes on edge in the middle rack. I recall exiting the drivers door in a hurry and smashing my head against these racks. This almost certainly is Larry Zimmer whom I worked with all of those 5 years. He is the only one who used to wear a felt hat!

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