The Hunt House designs and creates jewellery based on your ideas and budget


Summer is here and love is in the air

Wedding season is upon us and so is the warmer weather. Be sure to use lots of sunscreen but be careful not to get it on your diamond jewellery. To keep your jewellery in top condition for all of the celebratory events in your life this season, cleaning your diamond jewellery should be done weekly.
Just fill a bowl with hot water and squirt a small amount of dish soap in the bowl. Add your diamond jewellery and let soak for 20 minutes and then rinse with warm water.  If you find build up under your diamonds, use a baby toothbrush to gently scrub away the debris. You will then have sparkly diamond jewellery.
Don’t use this method for coloured stone jewellery or pearls, they will need special care. If your gold is scratched, just bring it in to our store for a polish, we will have it shining like new in no time.

Diamond Experts ~ With over 40 years in the diamond industry, we are happy to provide any information you need to help keep your jewellery looking its best. We do advise to have your claws and diamonds checked every six months to a year.


Custom Design

Our goal is to help you design and create pieces of fine jewellery based on your budget and ideas.

Whether it’s to custom design a bridal engagement ring from a picture you saw somewhere or you want to take Grandma’s rings and remake something more modern … we do it all here. From the idea, to the picture render to the wax model to the finished piece … we do it here … all in-store.

During the first meeting we will discuss the overall ideas for the project: what type of budget, what time frame we are working with, and more importantly, what you want to achieve.  We will then design the product and produce a photorealistic rending to approve before we go to the wax model.

Once the wax model is approved, we cast it in gold and then finish your custom piece of jewellery. The custom design process usually takes anywhere from four to six weeks, so plan ahead for that special jewellery item.

The Hunt House Fine and Custom Jewellers is proud to be an independent company that is located in Huntsville, Ontario. Having a full-service jewellery workshop on site allows us to accommodate whatever your jewellery needs are. From the perfect engagement ring, to the most romantic anniversary gift, to the best birthday present, we are here to help you with all your celebratory needs.
We have an easygoing and friendly store atmosphere. Come in and feel at home.  Don’t forgot our Wish List registry, to help guide that special person to select that perfect item for you.

Located at 4-110 North Kinton Ave, Huntsville, ON
(705) 789-7555