Scott Aitchison confirms his intention to run federally if Clement is out



Huntsville Mayor Scott Aitchison has confirmed his intention to seek the local Conservative riding nomination to run as Member of Parliament for this area in the upcoming federal election if Tony Clement doesn’t.

Parry Sound-Muskoka Member of Parliament Tony Clement was ousted from the Conservative Party caucus following a sexting scandal last November. The MP continues to represent the area as an independent, but with an October election on the horizon it’s not clear whether the Conservatives will have him back.

“I’ve pretty much made my decision that if in fact Tony is not welcomed and the party says he can’t run, that I’m going to run,” said Aitchison, following news that people in the riding have been receiving a telephone poll. A voice recording asks whether they are satisfied with the current government, whether they’d vote for them again as well as a question asking whether they’d vote for Liberal candidate Trish Cowie or Conservative candidate Scott Aitchison.

Aitchison said he’s heard of the poll but said he has nothing to do with it. “Honestly it’s not my poll. I didn’t ask anybody to do anything and I’m certainly not doing it,” said Aitchison. “I think that the word is out that I’m interested in running if the party doesn’t want Tony back… maybe the Liberals have found that out and they’re doing a poll? I don’t know, it’s not me,” said Aitchison.

Trish Cowie, who ran as the Liberal candidate for this area in the last federal election and is seeking the nomination to run again in the upcoming October election, said she did not know anything about the poll either.

As for news that Aitchison would be running if Clement is out of the party for good, she said: “I would applaud anybody who gets into running for office. It’s not an easy undertaking and it just contributes to a healthy democracy.”

Federal elections take place on October 21, 2019.

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    • Agreed, John. If the NDP is so distasteful to you, Mr. Mayor, then just hold your nose, and attempt to win their nomination (if Tony does, in fact, run).
      Note to “The Doppler”: I’m certain that it would be appreciated by both Scott and Tanya, if you no longer ran this ancient photo. It does neither of them justice; the former far slimmer now, and the latter appearing so bored and disaffected.

  1. Brian Tapley on

    An MP who comes from Huntsville would be a good thing for sure.
    You have to remember that one person can’t do a heck of a lot, but at least that one person would “know about Huntsville” which would be a good starting point.

  2. Peggy Peterson on

    Would Doppler please tell us what happens to his position as the Mayor of Huntsville if he gets the Nomination! Does the Mayor have to resign his seat as Mayor and does the Deputy Mayor take the seat?

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