Muskoka Seniors’ luncheon thanks volunteers and honours Donna Nairn and Karen Waters



The Muskoka Seniors’ annual luncheon is always about celebrating the volunteers and thanking them for the hundreds of hours of volunteer work they do to help seniors live in the community. This year’s event was extra special as the organization also said thank you, but not farewell, to Donna Nairn and Karen Waters, two staff members who have been with the organization for over 20 years.

Muskoka Seniors is a volunteer charitable organization that helps seniors live independently and at home for as long as possible. Their programs include drivers, friendly visitors, telephone volunteers, friendship luncheons, meals on wheels and even income tax returns. According to Executive Director Jenn Pfrimmer, this past year the organization had over 160 volunteers who contributed over 20,500 hours of service to help 760 clients.

The special day was celebrated with lunch, door prizes, musical entertainment and thank you speeches. Dignitaries MP Tony Clement, MPP Norm Miller and Huntsville Mayor Scott Aitchison were also on hand to celebrate the volunteers and offer thanks for the significant work they have done for the past 29 years to make a difference in people’s lives.

A special tribute was given to Donna Nairn and Karen Waters who are stepping down after over 20 years at the helm of Muskoka Seniors. Board Chair Kevin Farthing thanked Donna and Karen for their tenacity, passion, dedication, vision and guidance and for leaving the organization in a solid position. Kevin also revealed that Donna and Karen aren’t saying goodbye to Muskoka Seniors. “We are very pleased to have them continue in their capacity as board members and of course as dedicated volunteers into the future,” Farthing told those in attendance.

Manager and long-time colleague Sarah Caswell brought tears to many people’s eyes when she said in tribute to them,  “Some people just seem to have a special gift for sharing their hearts in the most amazing ways. For them it’s never about being noticed for their acts of kindness. It’s simply a reflection of the generous spirit that guides them in everything they do. Karen and Donna you are both examples of this.”

Karen Waters (left) and Donna Nairn. “This is harder than we thought it would be,” Donna said.

Some photo highlights ~

Diane Litchfield and Mary Ray Ward are welcomed by doormen for the day, Ron Nairn and Frank Jones


The hall at Faith Baptist church was full with dedicated Muskoka Seniors’ volunteers.

Oliver Wolfe, co-owner of Family Place Restaurant serves a hot beef plate for lunch.

Oliver Wolfe, co-owner of Family Place Restaurant serves a hot beef plate for lunch.

Muskoka Seniors’ Board of Directors (from left) Jenn Pfrimmer, Executive Director, Kevin Farthing, Chair, members Jill Matthews, Louise Wilson, Nadine Beatty, Will Gibson, Kate McLaughlin, Jessica Reid, Karen Waters and Donna Nairn. Missing are Gary Fisher, Treasurer, and member Ruby Johnson.

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  1. Diane Litchfield on

    Donna and Karen. As Past President of Meals On Wheels Huntsville it has been a real pleasure working together with Muskoka Seniors to serve our seniors and we look forward to continuing our joint efforts. Enjoy your semi retirement! Diane Litchfield

  2. Thanks to Donna and Karen and from the start Peggy Graham who had the initiative to start this program so many years ago…Donna, Karen and Laurene Hicks grew this program to where it is today…such an important part of the first part of the idea where this might go…Donna. Karen and Laurene made it happen. I was part of this from the early stages as a director and most recently as Chair until a few years ago when Kevin Farthing assumed that responsibility….because of the importance of this service to North Muskoka we started looking at succession planning and and it looks like Muskoka Seniors has been left in good hands. Congratulations to Donna and Karen and enjoy your retirement…you have this critical service in good hands.

  3. Congratulations Karen and Donna for the hard work that you have done to make this organization so special. It is an honour to work with the staff at Muskoka Seniors, the enthusiastic volunteers and the lovely people who enjoy the benefits that there are to offer. Thank you for your efforts.

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