Making sense of your nutrients by Gael Bishop, Professional Fitness and Motivational Coach

It is no wonder in today’s “rush-rush” world that we are almost too eager to accept preprocessed information to keep pace with the clock and in the momentum of the next thing to do…Unfortunately this can come at the expense of real knowledge and healthy decision making and in the end our health status.

Although the nutrition/weight loss industry is a multi billion dollar industry that pumps out books, products, programs and false promises to millions everyday, as a Certified Personal Trainer, I recognize a tremendous void of basic information being communicated through these mediums. The expectation that cutting carbs, going fat free or using exercise alone to achieve real human health and wellness is bogus and the buck stops HERE!!!

I want to rewind to some basics and provide some fundamentals that can make or break your health and wellness expectations. Not revisiting or making sure my audience has the “basics” covered, would be negligent on my part as a Fitness professional. Keeping it as simple and as relevant as I can to most households and individuals is my intention with this article.

Macro and Micro Nutrients are a missed discussion that is really the foundation of human health. Without this base to build from everyone can be officially declared “blind-sided” when seduced into fast and furious solutions that change our appearance. I tell clients from the moment they commence training with me that our bodies change from the inside out…we change on a cellular level first and always yet we chase the scale, waist size and getting into those skinny jeans. Please make sure you employ the following information when wanting to make changes in your metabolic status…Number One…Exercise is Physics and Number Two…Nutrition is Chemistry.

Macro Nutrients

  • Carbohydrates
  • Fats
  • Proteins
  • Alcohol

Micro Nutrients

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Water

I have included alcohol and water in here based their energy contributions to the nutrient profile of each…

One important fact that separates Macro and Micro Nutrients is their energy value or lack there of…but please remember that without delving too deeply into the science of this vast topic, caloric quality of these nutrients will help you in your strategy to assess if you are getting too much or too little of any of them.

Carbohydrates: 4 calories/gm

Fats: 9 calories/gm

Proteins: 4 calories/gm

Alcohol: 7 calories/gm

Vitamins and Minerals have no caloric value yet are part of the energy cycle and essential for human health…seeking our vitamins and minerals through food consumption alone is a difficult task given the processing and nutrient stripping that occurs to gain customer appeal. Palate pleasing is the way to our customers hearts and as a result we are living in a time of epic obesity and diseased stats that should be rattling the cages of our conscious…instead we are buried in our unfinished business of getting kids to school, business deadlines, congested schedules and chaotic households. Without a nutrient dense menu going into your body, your cells don’t stand a chance to keep pace with the physical and cerebral demands of today’s hustle and bustle.

As mentioned earlier this topic is vast and enormous but comes with much importance when embarking on a mind-body altering path. A nutrient dense menu plan is the goal and it may require some consulting and time strategizing but I am here to help anyone wanting to take that step. So sit for minute, digest and process what you didn’t know and make it your need to know…

Stay Amazing!

Coach Gael

CPT-American College of Sports Medicine

Gael BishopGael A. Bishop is a Certified Personal Trainer and Indoor Cycling Instructor who has been in the fitness industry for over 18 years.  She has trained clients of all fitness levels and backgrounds from professional athletes to exercise “new-comers” alike.

Gael currently lives in Huntsville, Ontario where she contracts her personal training business ~ Fitness From Within, at Snap Fitness. Gael teaches indoor cycling 4 days a week and personally trains clients who are looking for mindset and focused-based training. She can be reached at 705-783-4101 (C/T), email: [email protected] or FaceBook Fitness From Within.