Lynne Golding to celebrate the launch of debut novel with book signing at Dwight Public Library



You might recognize Lynne Golding’s name for her work as a healthcare lawyer or as the wife of local MP Tony Clement. This week she’s giving people another reason to know her name.

Golding has launched herself as an author with the release of her first novel, The Innocent, which is the first of a three-part series titled Beneath the Alders.

The series is set between 1907 and 1932, as it follows the life of Jessie Stephens and her family.

Beneath The Alders is the story of a village that became a town; a town that became a city,” reads a description on Golding’s website, “In some ways it is a story unique to Brampton. In other ways it is the story of most of Canada’s thriving cities. It is the story of immigrants who sought to build a community for their children and grandchildren. In some ways it is a story unique to this family. In other ways it is the story of all Canadians.”

Golding was born and raised in Brampton. She studied History and Political Science from Victoria College at the University of Toronto, followed by law at Queen’s University.

“Lynne Golding has opened a magical door to the past and ushered us into Edwardian Brampton to marvel at a simpler time when family loyalty was strong and community meant everything,” wrote Cheryl Cooper, Muskoka-based author of the Seasons of War series, as a review on Golding’s website. “When gathering for a clan portrait was an anxious ordeal; a picnic by the river was keenly anticipated; when quarantine struck fear in one’s heart; and secrets were left locked away in the family cupboards. Golding’s writing is solid and creative, her historical detail is authentic and meticulously researched. Her cast of beautifully-described characters leap from the page—from the young, innocent protagonist, Jessie Stephens, trying to understand her world and those in it, to her eccentric and fascinating Aunt Lil who is as real and beloved as your best friend. They will make you laugh and weep and wonder, and be fondly remembered long after the final pages are read.”

Golding will be at the Dwight Public Library (DPL) this Saturday, November 3, to celebrate the release of her novel with a book signing. The book signing will begin at 10:30 a.m. Free coffee and pastries will be served.

“We’re super excited to support a new, local author. We’re always happy to support our local talent and have Lynne present her book,” said Cathy Fairbairn, DPL’s head librarian. “We encourage people to come and support a local author. It’s an important part of the community and important to celebrate their work with encouragement and validation.”

The Innocent can be purchased through Amazon or Chapters Indigo.

For more information on the book signing, call 705-635-3319.

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  1. Kudos to Ms. Golding on the publication of her first novel; but even more so, on her ambition in committing to a trilogy at this early stage. For those of you who would appreciate a preview of her spare, lucid style, I highly recommend,”Lessons from an Etobicoke Fire Alarm”, available at

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