Listen Up! Trump’s whirlwind visit to Europe was a train wreck


Hugh Mackenzie
Huntsville Doppler

The Last Straw

A day or so ago a well-known London tabloid published a picture of U.S. President Donald Trump sitting in a favourite chair of Sir Winston Churchill, when he was visiting Prime Minister Theresa May at Chequers, her country home while she remains in office. Pasted across the picture was a headline that blasted, “HOW DARE YOU!”  I heartedly agree with that sentiment.

The inherent difference between Donald Trump and Winston Churchill is that Churchill waged war, both figuratively and literally, against his enemies and Trump relishes in undermining and demeaning his friends and allies and placating his enemies. Furthermore, Churchill would never act in an insulting manner to the Queen of England. Trump did not hesitate to do so, either out of ignorance or intent, both of which are inexcusable. He does not hold a candle to Churchill or to the Queen for that matter, although there is little doubt he believes himself to be superior to both. After all, it is all about him.

Donald Trump’s whirlwind visit to Europe, which ends tomorrow following a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, has been nothing short of a train wreck. Nicholas Burns, a Republican and a U.S Ambassador to NATO under President George W. Bush, called Trump’s visit to Europe, “the most chaotic and destructive of any American President”.  In just a few short days, Trump managed to blast NATO, misrepresent the outcome, dump all over Germany, call the European Union his “foe”, trounce on London Mayor Sadiq Khan, a Muslim who he declared, without a shred of proof, was soft on terrorism, undermine British Prime Minister Theresa May and suggest that Boris Johnson, who recently bolted from May’s Cabinet over Brexit, would “make a great Prime Minister”. Oh, and did I mention that on top of all of that he insulted the Queen?  And then for an encore, Trump denies that much of this actually happened!

Denial is a key ingredient of Trump’s makeup. If he doesn’t want to believe it, it didn’t happen. If he says one thing one day and contradicts it the next, what he said in the first instance never took place. It is an incredible dance and even more incredible that he gets away with it.

In spite of overwhelming evidence that Russian hackers interfered in the 2016 U.S. election and aided his campaign, Trump barely gives it lip service and when he does, he places the blame on former President Obama or the Democratic Party and not on his acknowledged friend, Vladimir Putin. What is fascinating about this is that an indictment released by Special Counsel Robert Mueller on Friday, states that Russian Intelligence operatives allegedly hacked into Clinton’s personal office on the very same day, July 27th, 2016, that Donald Trump invited them to do so by saying, “Russia, if you are listening, I hope you’ll be able to find the 30,000 (Clinton) e-mails that are missing.”  Yet Trump is in denial and has declined to offer even mild criticism of Russia.

A recent newspaper article suggests that President Trump lies about five times each and every day, a staggering figure if true. Trump himself has said, in one of his books, that if you tell a lie three times, people will believe it. My own view is that Trump often does not know the difference between truth and fiction. Through my personal experience with him, I believe he has a very short attention span. Some might call it Attention Deficit Disorder. In some ways, he has an incredible mind, but it moves at a mile a minute. He believes, in my view, whatever comes out of his mouth at the time and does not relate it to something he may have said before. He also believes strongly in his own brand. It really is all about him and he fundamentally believes that is what will make America great again. He is incapable of admitting fault and thrives on praise. And so. if you criticize Donald Trump, you are attacking his brand and if you do that, you are an enemy of the people as he recently labelled a large portion of the media. All pretty unsettling when you think about it.

Yet, what cannot be denied, is that at least with the American people, Donald Trump’s favourability rate is as high as it has been since his election, hovering around 50 per cent. One cannot help to wonder why. Perhaps it is because he has enabled people to react and to talk about things that were previously taboo, such as race and immigration. Perhaps it is because for all his bluster, for all his boorishness, he is making people feel good about themselves. And perhaps it is because, whatever anyone may say about his tactics, the American economy, at least for now, is strong.

Many Americans, in my view, support Donald Trump because of the good they perceive he is doing for the United States and they are prepared to overlook or hold their nose when it comes to his serious imperfections. I get that. There are others however, the extreme right or alt right of American politics, who are latching on to his erratic and populist movement to promote white supremacy and autocratic rule. Some even believe that people who dare to question Trump’s morality, motives or competence, should be denied their basic right to vote, a real challenge to democratic freedom.

These are the really scary people. I hope we do not have too many like that in Canada. That would be the last straw.

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  1. Trump plays the left like a fiddle and EVERYONE bites and goes down the rabbit hole! The more the ‘left’ says this and that about “American” people .. the more his popularity goes up via VOTING. This is a prime example! EVERYONE gets one vote, they are counted and majority will rule! Lets see what happens in 2020! And don’t forget WHY he got elected .. IMHO .the American masses had enough of the elite, the left news biasis .. and .. his motto .. MAGA! Like it or not .. that is what is happening!

    • Len Macdonald on

      You are correct in that “everyone gets one vote” but in the case of the 2016 U.S. election the “majority” did not rule. Clinton won the popular vote by over two million voters but the U.S. Electoral College system had Trump win. This was not a “majority.” How different our world might look today if that system was not in place.

  2. It is clear that you believe a lot of the propaganda that the leftist mainstream media spews, Hugh. Do you really believe that previous presidents were all the soul of humility? Someone who runs for president of the U.S. must have a considerable ego and drive or he/she will never get there. Did you ever stop to think of the reason for the media’s hatred of him? It is because their globalist masters hate him for being a fly in their ointment of world government. Interestingly, back in the 1980s, even the NY Times editorial staff believed that one day, Trump would become the President of the U.S. and said that he would be a good president. They wrote an editorial to that effect. The globalists were gunning for him even before he announced. The British globalists illegally funneled $400 million to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Putin announced it at the Helsinki meeting and Russian intelligence agents have the proof. Maybe that is why the Dems were so opposed to Trump meeting with Putin and why former Obama administration officials (who had to know about the illegal funds which she received as they likely engineered it) have done nothing but attack Trump in outrageous ways. You are wrong when you say that Donald Trump is not a fighter–he has had to fight the Washington establishment every step of the way–including many in his own party.

  3. So do you count the media in other countries as leftist mainstream cause im pretty sure Trump hasn’t made any converts in the world this weekend. Most of the worlds powers don’t trust him and don’t like him. Not even his next door neighbours ( Canadians), he has burnt an awful lot of bridges. And where do the facts you have listed come from ?

    • The mainstream media are owned by globalists and represent only their views. All of the animus is manufactured by them. It is easy to see through their plans for world government when one reads as widely as I do. They are very transparent in their intentions. George Soros (just one of many mega-wealthy globalists) has been quoted as saying, “The only thing standing in the way of world government is U. S. sovereignty.” He has been quite clear about his intention to do away with the sovereignty of the Western nations. From his “Open Borders” foundation to the funding of MANY other anarchic groups like Anti-fa and BLM, he has set about weakening the U.S. and destroying the political consensus. Read up on “inverted totalitarianism” if you want to know where the globalists are leading.

    • Right back at you … “And where do the facts you have listed come from ?” .. Always two sides to everything and .. what counts .. is an election .. as you just witnessed in ONT .. and …will soon see in canada federal election 2019 .. and .. you will see in America 2020. If you don’t like the results .. work harder to convince the voting ‘counrty’ people to vote your way .. and … accept the ‘will’ of the people! That is .. and ..will be the hard part for losers!

  4. Peter R. Dirks on

    The supreme ” RULERS” , just like the Roman Empire , Napoleon and Hitler.

    Do we ever learn from History ???

    • Pretty sick to compare the leader of the US to Hitler and and the US population to Hitler supporters! TDS is alive and well and it is getting worse! But when all you here is elite left propaganda and elite left reporting … not shocked!

  5. Marg Wiegand on

    For those interested in a different opinion on Trump and his machinations – Google: Fintan O’toole. He is a very experienced journalist with the Dublin Times. Read his article about Trump, sub headed ” Trial runs for fascism are in full flow.” Trump is a self-centered opportunist but it may be that he is clever enough to mastermind the return of Fascism.

  6. Terry McCaffery on

    Vladimir Putin has Kompromat on Trump either of a financial or lascivious nature-why else would Trump behave so deferentially to the leader of America’s greatest geo-political threat! The events of the past 6 days have demonstrated to the world that Donald Trump is wholly unfit to be President of the US and leader of the free world. God help us!

  7. What on earth are you basing your opinions on, Terry? The fact is that the Dems are totally hypocritical. It was Obama who said into a hot microphone, while meeting with Medvedev, that he could be “more flexible” after the 2012 election. All of the smears of the media against Trump (and there are an astounding number of them) do not change facts. Donald Trump is NOT a fascist in the making. If anything, Hillary Clinton is–do you even know her record as Secretary of State? Even leftists like the Huffington Post have cited her interference in Syria as being responsible for the bloodbath which ensued:

    It was at her insistence that the Obama administration orchestrated the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi in Libya over the objections of Obama. Remember her evil glee over his brutal death at the hands of Muslim radicals?

    There was also Clinton’s push to replace the duly-elected president of Guatemala with a rightist dictatorship that earned her the contempt of noted democracy advocate, Roberta Caceres (who was subsequently assassinated by those rightist forces). The leftist, online magazine, “Democracy Now!” has reported on Caceres accusations of Clinton as the mastermind behind the Guatemala coup.

    Hillary Clinton has a great deal of blood on her hands and she is a total puppet for the globalist fascists. The reason why those same forces are vilifying Trump is because he is an unabashed nationalist (as is Putin) and determined to oppose their plans for a fascist world government. Wise individuals do not believe the lies spread by the very politicized mainstream media.

    • Len Macdonald on

      Using a moral equivalence argument doesn’t work here. The point that Huge was making is true – Trump’s so-called “Summit” with Putin was “a train wreak.” The White House staffers are still cleaning up the mess.

      You wouldn’t, by any chance, be a Russian troll?

      • Len Macdonald: “…You wouldn’t, by any chance, be a Russian troll?”

        If I was a “Russian troll” do you really think I would be wasting my time on a local rag? Insulting those with whom you disagree is a childish quality that most on the “left” and the “right” engage in. Truly educated people understand that the truth is rarely told in the very controlled mainstream media. The leftist mainstream media has promoted ridiculous “Russian” paranoia for months now and, at the same time, they promote more and more radical leftists. They are lunatics and anyone who believes them is ah…unwise. You don’t know what you think you know.

        • Len Macdonald on

          “Truly educated people” familiar with correct grammar would write … “if I were a ‘Russian troll’ … not “was.” And I don’t consider this a “local rag” so why don’t you try writing for whatever “alt-right” publication suits you, if not this one. I find your tirades ill-informed and boring.

          I enjoy reading the variety of opinions shared on this site. And I appreciate that Hugh has made it possible to for us to enjoy this on-line forum. Don’t ruin it for us, Erin, and lighten up.

          • Len, how pedantic of you to attempt to correct my grammar! Let me guess, you are an English teacher. I agree, it should have been in the subjunctive mood, but it is very bad form to correct grammar in internet commentary–I think my readers were well able to decipher my meaning. And then you attempt to insult further with your foolish “alt-right” label–I’m surprised you didn’t call me a “Nazi”–that’s a favorite tactic of the Left.

            I am actually what used to be quite centrist in my thinking. The Left has gone so far into the direction of Bolshevism in their aping of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals” that they are quite incoherent. They bray about “individual rights” and then try to penalize people not only for freedom of speech (with their handy-dandy “human rights” tribunals) but now, in trying to force their tortured thinking on their opponents–make sure that anyone straying from the Leftists’ brand of group-think is eliminated from federal aid (if you want an example, I’ll give one in the next post–Tony Clement speaks of it in his most recent mailing). It is apparent that, to a Leftist, “human rights” are only for those who agree with their warped mode of thinking.

            Attempting to marginalize every opinion with which you disagree makes you a prevaricator when you say that you “enjoy a variety of opinions shared on this website”. I am quite light-hearted, thank you. Perhaps it is you who needs to “lighten up,” Len. It would also be more persuasive if you would trade your insults for some real fact-based commentary. My comments are hardly “tirades” by the way. A “tirade” is a long and bitter speech which is colored with emotion. I am far from bitter and I am characteristically analytical. I prefer to cite facts rather than engage in childish smears.

          • Karen Wehrstein on

            I have the same suspicion, Len, and have for some months.
            I think that Doppler should require not only commenters’ email but their postal address also, not to be shared (same as the email) but as means of checking that no one is misrepresenting their nationality. It’s a simple precaution that major newspapers have always used.

  8. The hysteria and false urgency we hear every day in the left media (which includes every cable network in Canada except Fox if you choose to pay extra and subscribe). surrounding Trump is perplexing? If Trump does not have open communication and strong arms or condemns Russia or North Korea he is a mentally unfit leader looking for an excuse to start nuclear war. Two weeks later: how dare Trump meet and talk and attempt to improve relations with evil Putin or Kim. Either way the left thinks he is an idiot even though they have done nothing except live in fear and speculation with these countries for 70 years

    The Democrats need to throw some cold water on their face and look in the mirror. To simply disagree with 100% of what Trump says or does is a path to implosion and 7 more years of Trump. The media picks apart and conjectures his every move. While CNN will be on a marathon rant about North Korea or Russia collusion, Trump has moved on to many other important economic or defense issues.

    They are so mesmerized by Trumps antics they are destroying themselves. The party desperately needs funding and has no leader or mandate while the leftist’s media like CNN have suffered tremendous viewership loss (30% in the past 12 months). Both are so easily offended night after night they can’t see the big picture.

    Those who oppose Trump are less and less every day as his approval rating approaches 50% and the US economy booms along. This is reality. Trump’s base knows he is far from perfect and sure his rhetoric and ego could be dialed back a full turn. Trump’s focus on the economy and “America first” however does resonates strong. All countries think this way; most leaders are not as blunt about it.

    I am not sure why he is expected to change? Should he speak and act more like Obama? He did not campaign on this. Trump is a business guy not a life time politician. He operates at a much faster pace. Trump does not dwell on miss steps or try and guess what someone is thinking, he just asks. His administration meets and discusses issues and moves forward. People will be offended along the way for sure but that is called progress.

    • Karen Wehrstein on

      Re: “Donald Trump’s favourability rate is as high as it has been since his election, hovering around 50 per cent.”
      I think that’s due to the American economy doing well, which could change due to Trump’s trade wars. Farmers have had to burn their entire soybean crops because the Chinese have dropped American soybeans for Russian, and the country has a surplus of meat sitting in freezers, 2.5 billion pounds of it. I’ve seen people on Twitter saying they’re getting off the stock market.
      Anyway, I think that 50% would be from before the Helsinki disgrace. The latest Quinnipiac poll has him tanking to 38%.

      • Trump’s approval rating continues to rise even after Helsinki. I guess the left media thinks it is fair that the USA contributes 4% to NATO and the other countries failed to meet their promised 2%? So Trump shouldn’t have called them on it?
        Yes his ratings are up because the US economy is doing really well and he has avoided getting involved in wars that the US cannot win. Those are the only 2 things that matter at election time.

        The only path to a robust economy and lowering the national debt is a trade surplus.

        The USA will not lose a trade war. It is the largest economy in the world(double China) which means it is the largest buyer. The USA has been running a trade deficit for years which is unsustainable. Trump is simply doing the right thing for his country and its tax payers by correcting this imbalance.

        As far as Russia/Trump collusion goes… there still has not been a single stitch of evidence presented connecting the two. That is why it is now obstruction of justice case vs collusion because Mueller has nothing connecting Trump.

  9. Ian Mctavish on

    Britt, ultimately history will be the judge of how effective Trump is as a president.
    What bothers me with the support for Trump is how honesty and integrity no longer seem to matter as long as the economy is booming.

  10. Karen Wehrstein on

    Trump is a traitor, period — a Russian asset in the Oval Office. It’s not a matter of believing any “globalist” media as per the smokescreens that are being thrown up, even here, by Trump & Putin’s minions (paid or unpaid). He has shown clear evidence repeatedly himself, right on video (e.g. that disgusting press conference with Putin) and on Twitter. The indictments by Robert Mueller showing details of Russian hacking into Democratic Party servers with American aid can be accessed online ( The full story is coming out slowly, as it must; Americans have to be allowed to get used to the horrific fact that their president is purposely betraying their nation and its ideals. I follow this closely, including the work of careful independent investigators outside the media, and have it on multiple good authorities that the full story is much more awful than we suspect, and it will all come out. Clip and save this comment.

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