Hear Well Be Well ~ When should you get your hearing tested?

By John Tiede

If you’re over age 60, I recommend getting your hearing tested every year. Hearing loss is often gradual and, therefore, you may go years without even realizing the sounds you’ve been missing.

Some common signs you may be experiencing hearing loss include, people sound like they are mumbling when they talk, or family members comment on how loud the television is. I’ve included a list of questions in the quiz below you can ask yourself, or your loved one, to determine whether you would benefit from a hearing test.


  • Do you have trouble following conversations in a group setting?
  • Do you have difficulty hearing when there is background noise?
  • Do you experience ringing or buzzing noises in your ears?
  • Do you ask people to repeat themselves?
  • Do people sound like they are mumbling?
  • Do you have difficulty hearing TV or phone conversations clearly?
  • Have you been exposed to loud noises (e.g. farming, hunting, factory work)?

If you checked 2 or more above, you would greatly benefit from getting
your hearing checked.

The most common type of hearing loss is the result of damage to the inner ear called sensorineural hearing loss. This form of hearing loss usually results from exposure to loud and prolonged noise, which may be experienced through work environments without wearing hearing protection (i.e. factory work, farming, hunting), and/or attending loud sporting events or music concerts. Other possible causes of sensorineural hearing loss include aging, the use of medications toxic to hearing, head trauma, or hereditary or genetic factors. Something as common as wax build-up in the ear, as well as ear infections or fluid build-up, can also impact hearing. A hearing test will confirm if there’s a hearing loss.

One scenario I often see with clients that have waited a long time before getting their hearing checked is, by the time they finally do come in, they are in tears when we first put demo hearing aids on their ears. They can’t believe all the beautiful sounds they’ve been missing. Quality of life is greatly impacted when hearing loss is addressed, and the changes can be very dramatic. As one client expressed, after visiting one of our clinics:

Stepping through the door that day at Hear Well Be Well, it was like walking into the comfort of family. Since getting my hearing aids, my grandchildren and children say to me daily: ‘Oh grandma, you’re no longer asking us to repeat everything!’

Hearing well is essential to both our physical and emotional wellbeing and is linked to everything we do – family connection, social activities, and workplace productivity.

Relying on others to hear for you becomes more obvious than wearing hearing aids. And family members often become annoyed over time having to repeat themselves. Isolation also becomes common because those with unaddressed hearing loss start avoiding social situations where hearing can be challenging, such as noisy restaurants. And with isolation comes depression.

Early screening, early testing, and early intervention mean you won’t lose out on those important conversations and connections with family and friends.


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John Tiede has been a Board-Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist for over 35 years.
Along with his wife Kathleen, they own Hear Well Be Well™, providing comprehensive auditory testing, hearing devices, and outstanding follow-up care in 15 locations throughout southern and central Ontario.
You can learn more about John and his team at www.hearwellbewell.ca