Facing Fear: A new treatment option can offer freedom from fear, phobias & anxiety

Most of us have a fear of some sort, and fears can come in a variety of forms, from surface level right down to heavy trauma. We all know people with a fear of flying, spiders, or the dreaded clown! Unfortunately, these common fears will often affect the way you live your life. A fear of flying may mean you never take that trip to Italy. Your fear of water might keep you from enjoying a peaceful canoe ride on a Sunday morning, as it’s much easier to just take a walk than to deal with the stress of being on the water. A fear caused by trauma can run very deep and change a person’s entire way of living.

Sometimes fear is more subtle, and we may not even be aware of how it is altering our actions. A fear of failure may go unnoticed on a day-to-day basis, but will result in anxiety and stress. It will affect the decisions you make in your life without you even being fully aware.

Seeking help to overcome fear, phobias and anxiety is something that many people don’t do, often because they don’t even think it’s an option. They  just white-knuckle their flight, or avoid flying all together.  Treatment options often aren’t sought out until the fear or anxiety becomes too much to endure on a daily basis, or the effects become drastic. However, there is new help for those suffering from phobias, fear and anxiety at all levels. Suffering long term does not need to be the case.

“Talk therapy” alone has many limitations

I’ve been working with fear and anxiety for a decade, and have always been deeply interested in innovative new ways to help people overcome mental challenges. “Talk therapy” alone has many limitations. There are times when feelings are just too difficult to engage, and several factors play into that. This is in fact why so many people avoid therapy completely.

A while back, I started researching and studying a new therapy called BWRT, which stands for Brainworking Recursive Therapy, and it’s now at the forefront of mental health treatment throughout Europe and South Africa. BWRT has undergone rigorous study in Britain, and has since earned the approval of the British Psychological Society (one of the most difficult and highly regarded psychological societies in the world!).

I am now one of less than 10 therapists in Canada trained in this technique. BWRT is possibly the most effective technique I have ever used, so I have no doubt that number will grow as awareness develops in the Mental Health profession. It works incredibly fast, and has even been used with children as young as 10. It is immensely versatile, being used for anxieties, eating disorders, PTSD, addictions, depression, anger, phobic responses (spiders, heights, snakes), school and work challenges like procrastination and public speaking.

BWRT is all about dealing with uncomfortable emotional or psychological triggers before a person is even aware of them

Brainworking Recursive Therapy, which gets its name from the way the brain works, is all about dealing with uncomfortable emotional or psychological triggers before a client is even aware of them. Most other therapies work on the response after it has been generated, requiring the client to tell the therapist what they are thinking about. This is optional with BWRT. Some patients elect to discuss their feelings, where others do not. This is a very freeing experience for many of my clients that struggle with expressing their feelings.

The first client that I officially used this technique with had suffered for 20 years with anxiety and PTSD symptoms after a childhood trauma. After she opened her eyes and was unable to access the negative emotions any more, we both looked at each other in amazement. From that point forward I was hooked on using BWRT whenever possible to help my clients.

There are a number of new therapies out there, and finding the right one for you is important. People are diverse in their needs, and luckily our methods for treatment are becoming more and more diverse as well. Unfortunately, most people are simply unaware that traditional ‘talk therapy’ isn’t the only option. Finding a therapist who can offer a variety of techniques is important to finding the right treatment for you. Nobody should have to spend a lifetime with something that can be managed, or even completely overcome. If you struggle outwardly or even subtly with fear or anxiety, or there is a trauma that plagues your thoughts or behaviors, there are options for you to start living a fulfilled and free life.

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Warren Broad

Warren Broad is a Huntsville-based Private Counsellor, Marriage and Family Counsellor, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Recovery Coach. He is the co-author of several books, including the Amazon Best-Seller, “It’s the Landing That Counts” and creator of Recovery In The Now program for addiction. He is a retired volunteer firefighter, and runs a series of group programs for anxiety, depression, marriage, law of attraction, addiction and personal growth.

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