Drive Credit Canada helps make vehicle ownership a reality


Owning a vehicle may seem out of reach for some – seasonal employment, self-employment, a fixed income, poor credit or bankruptcy can make navigating the lease or loan process a daunting prospect. But at Drive Credit Canada, the approval process is easy. Many of their clients had been turned down by their bank or other lender before driving away in a car from Drive Credit Canada the same day as completing the approval process.

Cale Jones, Loans Officer at Drive Credit Canada

Cale Jones, Drive Credit Canada’s loan officer, knows cars. He began his automotive career as a mechanics co-op student at 15. Later, he became a service advisor before moving into sales. After a stint as a business manager and a general manager for a new car franchise, he launched Drive Credit Canada in early 2014 to help Huntsville and area residents realize their dream of owning a vehicle.

“We’ve seen it all and we are here to help,” says Cale. “No matter what your situation, we’ll work hard to get you into a vehicle at the best interest rate possible.”

Drive Credit Canada has all makes and models of pre-owned vehicles and can even source out one that will fit your needs. They have a variety of trucks and vans available that would be ideal for small business owners and self-employed contractors.

You can begin the approval process online in the privacy of your own home. Follow that with a short visit to Drive Credit Canada’s lot to view their inventory, take a car for a test drive  and complete the approval process, and you could drive away in a vehicle the same day.

“We got turned down by our bank and our hopes were bleak but we came to Drive Credit Canada and the process was simple and easy,” says Mary W. “We drove away in a car. It was easy in comparison to other places.”

It’s a story Cale hears often, but “there can be extenuating circumstances and I can help. People on a fixed income or who receive disability payments or who move between seasonal employment positions can have difficulty getting approved elsewhere.”

Drive Credit Canada can even help if you’ve been through bankruptcy or a consumer proposal. “I came in sheepishly and thought there was no hope of being approved, but Cale was actually happy to see me,” says Trevor S., who was forced into bankruptcy after losing his job.

In an area like Muskoka, where it’s difficult to get anywhere without a vehicle, Drive Credit Canada provides a valuable service. “We pride ourselves on providing safe, reliable automobiles at comfortable payments.”

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Drive Credit Canada


  1. Paul Whillans on

    Surely, it is beneath any sense of independent journalism to portray what is nothing more than a biased advertisement as news.

    I know nothing of Drive Credits business model (either before or after reading this article), but clearly it isn’t altruistic . The “day loan” industry could have had the same article written about them 10 years ago before the government step in and declared their interest charges to be usurious (up to 79% on an annualized basis). That isn’t to say that this is or is not the case here.

    What ever happened to balanced journalism?…….Sloppy….sloppy….shameful.

    (Just waiting for the news report here that announces that a Kardashian has given birth to an extraterrestrial)

    • Elizabeth Rice - Doppler Publisher on

      Hi Paul,
      Thank you for taking to time to comment.
      You make a good point about the difference between balanced reporting and promotion.
      The above story is a ‘sponsored profile’ – paid for by the advertiser. However, in reviewing our presentation of the profile I would admit that we have not gone far enough to differentiate between the two. We will have to rethink how we present the ‘sponsored profile’ as not to confuse the reader.
      We are in our early days at Doppler and are trying innovative ways to raise revenue and give value to our advertisers, who are our only source of income and pay for the reporters who do a great job of covering the community news.
      Any chance you are in the market for a car? lol

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