CRS Contractors Rental Supply – new this spring is the Automower®

Do you feel the buzz in the air? Do ya? That buzz we feel is hope! We’re on the last leg of another long, drawn out Muskoka winter! And we are all HOPING to see some spring-like conditions popping up soon! And they will. Sure as the day is long, spring will pop up soon.

CRS is clearing out all remaining 2016 wheeled and tracked snowblowers

Things here at CRS have been moving along nicely!  We had another solid season of Husqvarna snowblower sales! Thank you to everyone who came in and purchased one, we truly appreciate your business! We are in the midst of clearing out all our remaining 2016 stock of wheeled and tracked snowblowers. Some great savings, along with some cool giveaways, are to be hadl!! Come by the store at 40 Cairns Crescent and say ‘hi’ to the gang and check out the savings!

Introducing the Automower®

Speaking of savings, this is the perfect segue into our spring  Husqvarna specials. Once the white stuff leaves and the green stuff makes its triumphant return, it’s time to look at all the wonderful Husqvarna lawn and garden specials. We’ll be introducing the “Automower®” for the first time this spring. This little puppy is completely automated! It sits in its own docking station, and you can program it for lawn cutting frequency! Very cool!!

Working At Heights certification

We have also been very busy with our construction safety training this winter! Especially our “ Working At Heights” certification. Anyone who works in the construction industry is required by law to have this training when working from heights.

We supply all types of other safety training as well, from Aerial to forklift to chainsaw and propane certifications. And we will be introducing “Low Explosive “ training and sales as well this spring!

I’m very proud of what CRS has to offer. We pride ourselves on being a multi dimensional business. We have large tool rentals, small tool rentals, propane refilling and so much more.

Come visit our team of experts who will help you with any of your home improvement needs! We truly are your “ONE STOP SHOP” !

Phil Betts

Phil Betts – CRS Branch Manager

A little about me. I came to the Huntsville area in April 2008 after spending essentially all my life in Toronto. I was in the towing business for 22 years. I had enough of the rat race in Toronto and craved a simpler, quieter life. Muskoka called for me. I started at CRS that April. I was hired as the float/ truck driver there. I was on the road for three years until I was promoted to working on the counter doing inside sales. I was on the counter for three years when I was offered the position of outside sales. I did that for one year, and I was ultimately offered the position of branch manager in February of 2015, the position I still currently hold.