Cheering on the challenge coin


Huntsville Mayor Scott Aitchison is ready for the coin challenge.

The next time the mayor finds himself in the company of paramedics or other service people at a pub or a function and one of them pulls out their challenge coin, he’ll be covered – provided he brings his coin with him.

Councillor Dan Armour, a paramedic with Muskoka Paramedic Services, gifted Aitchison a challenge coin of his very own at council’s November 24 meeting. Therefore, let it be known that the mayor now has a coin, which also means he can be challenged to produce his by anyone else who has one. If he doesn’t, he’ll be buying drinks for everyone else who is able to produce theirs. Likewise, if he issues the challenge with his coin, anyone unable to produce their coin will be buying the drinks.

“We had a Christmas party this past weekend and we were all together and I challenged the table, one guy didn’t have his coin so he had to buy everybody a drink,” noted Councillor Armour. “But if he had had his coin, I would’ve had to buy everyone a drink.”

Armour did clarify that it only works with military, paramedics, fire personnel or those in the know. “So you couldn’t go to the pub tonight, use this coin and get a free drink,” he laughed. “But if there was a military person there and had a coin, you’d be buying him a drink.”

Armour said the tradition began with military personnel during the First World War.

The coins go for $20 and are being sold as a fundraiser to help volunteers represent Muskoka Paramedic Services at special events and ceremonies. If you’re interested in purchasing one of their challenge coins, you can call the District at 705-645-2231 and ask for their department.

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