CCV Insurance – Types of insurance coverage businesses should know about

Protecting your business from things that are out of your control is the job of good business insurance. Whether you have a small, medium or large business, you need to safeguard your livelihood and that of your employees from things like fire, storm damage and theft. No one policy can do it all; you need a combination of coverage to make sure that your business thrives, no matter what the weather, fate or simple bad luck can throw at it. That’s where an experienced local business insurance broker like Andy Mattice can help.

Types of business insurance Huntsville companies should know about ~

Liability Insurance
One type of insurance that no business can do without is liability insurance. This covers your company if you get sued from a variety of covered situations, such as a visitors falling on the ice outside of your building, client expenses incurred due to an error made by one of your employees and damages resulting from sensitive client data being compromised while in your care.

Slip and fall

Fire, Casualty and Theft Insurance
What would happen to your business if your building burned down or a tree fell in the middle of the lobby? Would your business be damaged if someone stole all of your computers one night? These are the types of things that fire, casualty and theft insurance are designed to protect your business against. While we can’t prevent a fire from occurring or that tree from falling, good insurance coverage can help you get back in business again quickly after such a disaster without bankrupting your business.


Key Employee Insurance
Most businesses, particularly small businesses, depend on the skills of a few key employees to keep the company running smoothly. These are usually the top executives, but can also be that extra talented IT person without whom your business would be crippled. Key employee insurance is a kind of life insurance for businesses. It pays the company should that extra valuable employee pass away unexpectedly leaving a critical void in your business.

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Andy Mattice

Andy Mattice

Well known in the Muskoka business community and a Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker with over 15 years of experience, Andy Mattice meets the highest standards of industry performance, continuing education and ethical business practices.

Whether you’re a business owner, purchased a new investment property, or just looking for a second opinion on your insurance portfolio, you deserve smooth, respectful and personable service. Andy will work in your best interest to negotiate and identify the insurance product that suits your needs. His team’s pro-active initiatives and ease of business approach keeps your insurance portfolio up to date and accurate to avoid complications in the event of a claim.

Schedule some time to meet with Andy and review your commercial insurance portfolio. You may be surprised at what you can learn with a fresh, professional perspective.

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