Capsule Comments by Bill Coon, Muskoka Medical Centre Pharmacy

Capsule Comments

Flu shot
Just a reminder when you are getting your flu shot:  Get a good night sleep (7-8 hours) the night before.  It’s been proven that your body will produce more antibodies against the flu which gives you greater protection.

The real threat from the flu is the risk of pneumonia and other infections.  Getting the flu can wear down the body’s resistance and make it more susceptible to getting other infections.  This is especially true in those over the age of 65.  When in doubt, get the flu shot this year.  Also consider getting a pneumonia shot if you haven’t had one in a long while.

Vitamin C
Some people take extra vitamin C during the winter months to try to ward off colds.  There’s no evidence that you get fewer colds but there is some that show this may reduce the severity of the cold symptoms.  If you are going to do this, make sure you divide your doses of C into at least two during the day.  Absorption is better and less will be excreted in the urine.

Alcohol consumption
Many recommendations on lifestyle changes include “moderate” alcohol consumption. Moderate is defined as no more than 14 drinks a week for men and seven per week for women.  However, many studies have shown that those who quit drinking alcohol altogether found they experienced a more favourable change in mental well-being, a feeling enjoyed by those who have never drunk alcohol.

Sperm count
Men’s sperm counts in many developed countries have dropped by almost 60 per cent since 1973.  The reasons for this haven’t been established.  Pesticides, estrogens in the water supply, phthalates in plastics are some of the ideas being theorized.  But it has encouraged a whole group of new tech-startup companies offering home sperm-testing technology.  Men usually think it’s the woman who is the problem with infertility.  But 40 per cent of the time it’s the man.

Codeine advisory
Health Canada in the past has sent out an advisory to the public that warns nursing mothers not to use codeine products while they are nursing their newborns.  Codeine is converted to morphine in the body and some people are “rapid metabolizers” and, although rare, could give the baby an overdose of morphine. The same advice that is given pregnant women about taking medications while pregnant applies also to nursing mothers.  Before you take it, talk about it.

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Bill Coon, Pharmacist Muskoka Medical Centre Pharmacy

Bill Coon, Pharmacist Muskoka Medical Centre Pharmacy

Bill Coon graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Toronto in 1984, and was the Faculty’s Centennial Scholar that same year.  Bill and his pharmacist wife, Barbara, along with Paul Whitehead, opened Muskoka Medical Centre Pharmacy in 1990. The understanding that medications are only part of the health solution has lead to Bill’s interest in fitness and health, both personally and professionally.  Bill’s Capsule Comments provide a full range of up to date health information.

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