Capsule Comments by Bill Coon, Muskoka Medical Centre Pharmacy

Capsule Comments
April is National Oral Health Month

Poor oral health can affect a person’s quality of life. Oral pain, missing teeth or mouth infections can influence the way a person speaks, eats and socializes. Problems with teeth and gums can be a sign of oral cancer or can cause inflammation that affect other body organs as well. Get regular dental exams and make flossing and brushing part of your daily routine.

Mona LisaWhat plagued Mona Lisa?

It’s always interesting when medical academics can look at a painting from the 15th Century and diagnose a medical problem. For example, they say the model posing for the Mona Lisa had high cholesterol as evidenced by fatty tissue in the hollow of her left eye. It shows the humanity of those depicted in art.


Share your family’s medical history with your doctor

If you have first-degree relatives under 65 for men and 55 for women who had a heart attack, stroke or by-pass surgery, share this information with your doctor. You may be at increased risk of heart disease yourself based on your genetic history. Your risk is compounded by smoking and a sedentary lifestyle.

teaspoon of saleOne teaspoon of salt a day

We are always encouraged to keep our consumption of salt down to about 2300mg of sodium per day to maintain good blood pressure and heart health. What does 2300mg of sodium look like? It is one measuring teaspoonful of table salt.

Vitamin D

There is much talk about vitamin D. Are we getting enough? Are our children getting enough. One cup (250ml) of fortified milk contains 100 I.U. of vitamin D and a can of tuna contains 150 I.U. If you are not sure your child is getting the recommended 600 I.U. daily, supplement with a product containing 400 I.U.


Health Canada says their ruling on e-cigarettes will be made “in due course” but they appear to be available everywhere. The argument for these products is that they help people stop smoking tobacco completely….a way of weaning them off the health-damaging tobacco habit. However, some people just continue with the e-cigarettes and have substituted one addictive habit for another.

Nothing lasts forever …

You know you are getting older when you have too much room in your house but not enough room in your medicine cabinet. If you aren’t sure if a medication is OK to keep, call our pharmacists. We can help.

There is so much research being done to find better medications for all medical conditions.  We do our best to keep up-to-date on this research.  If you have any questions about a new drug you’ve heard about, give us a call.  We will be happy to check it out for you.

Bill Coon, Pharmacist Muskoka Medical Centre Pharmacy

Bill Coon, Pharmacist Muskoka Medical Centre Pharmacy

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Bill Coon graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Toronto in 1984, and was the Faculty’s Centennial Scholar that same year.  Bill and his pharmacist wife, Barbara, along with Paul Whitehead, opened Muskoka Medical Centre Pharmacy in 1990. The understanding that medications are only part of the health solution has lead to Bill’s interest in fitness and health, both personally and professionally.  Bill’s Capsule Comments provide a full range of up to date health information.

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