Capsule Comments by Bill Coon, Muskoka Medical Centre Pharmacy

Capsule Comments

Going on a long flight soon?
It seems that seats are closer together hence the name “economy class syndrome” used to describe a condition called deep vein thrombosis where a blood clot will form within a vein. Wearing compression stockings during the trip will help as well as flexing your ankles during the flight and taking walks up and down the aisle.   Avoid alcohol and drink lots of water.

“Vaping” products are problematic in today’s youth.
About one in four middle and high schoolers in Canada have said they have tried e-cigarette products and about one in three who smoke cigarettes, started out vaping. Many of these products contain nicotine, an addictive substance known to cause attention and memory problems in young people. As well, sucking smoking and vapour into the delicate tissues of the lungs is not good for people of any age.

A new opioid drug.
There is some controversy in the U.S. and Canada about the restricted release of a new opioid drug (sufentanil)which is 10 times more potent than fentanyl and 1000 times stronger than morphine. Although the drug (OK’d only in the U.S.) won’t be available from pharmacies, it will be used only in surgical rooms, emergency departments and for military injuries.

Prone to excess sweating?
Choose a good antiperspirant. This will plug the sweat glands. Apply it at night when perspiring should be less making sure the skin is dry. In the morning, wipe it off since it has done its work and you shouldn’t need to reapply during the day. Sometimes, drugs might be part of the cause of excess sweating. Check with your pharmacist about this.

Beans beans the musical food.
(pinto, navy, kidney etc) are a great food. They contain both soluble and insoluble fibre as well as many vitamins and minerals. Also, about 26% of the calories are from protein and only 6% from fat. They even help lower your cholesterol. Make them part of your diet but just don’t eat too much at one time.

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Bill Coon, Pharmacist Muskoka Medical Centre Pharmacy

Bill Coon, Pharmacist Muskoka Medical Centre Pharmacy

Bill Coon graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Toronto in 1984, and was the Faculty’s Centennial Scholar that same year.  Bill and his pharmacist wife, Barbara, along with Paul Whitehead, opened Muskoka Medical Centre Pharmacy in 1990. The understanding that medications are only part of the health solution has lead to Bill’s interest in fitness and health, both personally and professionally.  Bill’s Capsule Comments provide a full range of up to date health information.

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