Canadian flag at Huntsville’s Flag Park won’t be flown at half-mast in future


Canada’s national flag is always given a position of honour on home soil, particularly when displayed with the flags of other nations. To comply with national flag etiquette, the Town of Huntsville recently updated its flag protocol.

The Mayor is authorized to order the lowering of flags to half-mast at municipal properties. One of those locations is Flag Park at the corner of West Road and Centre Street North, where the flags of nine nations fly to represent the heads of state that attended the G8 Summit in Huntsville in 2010.

As National Flag of Canada Etiquette requires, the Canadian flag flies higher than those of the other nations. The rules also state that “it should not be subjected to dishonour or displayed in a position inferior to any other flag or ensign. The National Flag always takes priority over all other national flags when flown on Canadian soil.”

At the May 30 General Committee meeting, a staff report noted that the Town’s flag protocol would be updated to prohibit lowering of the Canadian flag to half-mast at Flag Park, and thus below those of the other nations, “as it would contravene the Canadian National Flag of Canada Etiquette.”

The update also removes the Huntsville Train Station from the list of municipal flag locations as the property is no longer owned by the Town of Huntsville.

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  1. Looks like Town Hall is operating under Lame Duck rules, if that’s all that’s going on there these days….

  2. Martha Watson on

    Does this apply to private properties as well? I have seen flags from other countries flying at homes, with the Canadian flag on par, or not even at all. What’s the scoop on that?

    • Len Macdonald on

      We don’t have “flag police” for flags on private property. Owners who don’t understand correct “flag etiquette” are simply ignorant of the correct way to fly the Canadian flag or don’t consider it important. Their property – their choice. I’m more offended by people who fly a Canadian flag that is in tatters.

  3. Terry McCaffery on

    I think the American flag should be flown at half staff until the orange menace is purged from office!

  4. Carol MacDonald on

    Is it possible to raise the height of the flag pole for our Canadian flag? Then, when necessary, the flag would be lowered to the same level as the other flags.

  5. The Commie Flag should go until their Dicktator leaves !…. Meaning Russia of course…Deja Vu all over again !

  6. This would seem to make sense from a different perspective as well. If we were to lower our flag in Flag Park, would it not be appropriate to lower each other flag (to respect a particular event in that country)? Then somebody at the Town would have that onerous duty added to their job requirements. Not only would this individual have to keep abreast of flag-lowering in 7 countries; but also Ottawa’s response. Good call, Council!

  7. Emmersun Austin on

    the taller Canadian flag is an excellent idea…I would like to see a green & white version of the flag…why not?

  8. Doug Golding - a Canadian Flag Waver on

    From time to time I have read controversy on Doppler on the proper way to display the Canadian flag as it relates to other countries. Heritage Canada has produced the rules and etiquette for “Flying the Flag”. On page 5 of 13 it provides the rules for Flying the Canadian Flag “with flags of other sovereign nations”. “The National Flag of Canada when flown or paraded, takes precedence over all other national flags. When flown with the flags of other sovereign nations, all flags should be flown on separate flag poles/masts and at the same height, all being of the same size with the National Flag of Canada occupying the position of honour.”

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