Local club targets indoor fun with 3D archery tournament


On March 11, Huntsville High School’s gyms were transformed into indoor archery ranges when Archers in Muskoka (AIM) held its first indoor 3D tournament.

More than 40 of the club’s members of all ages participated in the day-long tournament in friendly competition for the most points. (See the tournament results below.)

The club started four years ago as a way for local archers to support and learn from each other in a positive environment says Kevin Stroud. “Our format is Muskoka-wide to bring all of us together in the community, even though a lot of people can just shoot in their back yard.”

Stroud notes that archery has become more popular over the last four or five years with movies like The Hunger Games placing the sport in the limelight. “It’s a great activity and they’re starting to promote it more in the schools again. We’re very open to getting kids involved and we are trying to promote the future of archery.”

Learn more about the club and how to get involved on the Archers in Muskoka Facebook page or email [email protected] The club will be holding its next 3D archery tournament, a fundraiser for H.O.L.D (The Hillside, Oxtongue Lake and Dwight community group), on May 7.

Indoor 3D tournament results:

Compound Unlimited (Men)
1st  R  Piette  427
2nd  J Doupe 424
3rd W Stewart 392

Compound Unlimited (Women)
1st L Fiorino-Piette 352
2nd B Robinson 276

Hunter Class (Men)
1st R Mcdonald 367
2nd M Lafond 359
3rd T Hawes 341

Hunter Class (Women)
1st M Lessard 305
2nd S Piette 169

Traditional (Men)
1st I Watt 350
2nd D Sundborg 317
3rd J Florent 296

Know Distance (K-50) Men
1st E Holtz 439
2nd T Carr 427 -7x
3rd G Summerfelt 427 – 6x

Know Distance (K-50) Women
1st A Casperson 401
2nd L Hebel 356

Master 50 (Men)
1st J Landrie 395
2nd S Holtz 390
3rd D Holliday 355

1st C Geofrey 349
2nd K Hawes 327

1st E Piette 390
2nd R Stewart 296
3rd E Roberts 30

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