CCV Insurance – If you are using a Drone make sure you are covered

Drones: Insure Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and protect your business.



Drones have become a fixture in movies and on TV.  While practical applications for drones in business are not nearly as glamorous as Hollywood depicts, there is no doubt that going forward we will see these hovering robots more and more in our skies.

Businesses are finding more and more practical uses for drones such as farming, search and rescue, traffic management, retail delivery, surveying and general aerial photography.

Drone photo

It is becoming increasingly popular to use unmanned aerial systems to photograph local landscapes and larger geographical areas during the preliminary project management stages for the construction or renovation of personal property, whether the photographer is hired or you chose to pilot your own drone.

As the use of drones in business expands so do the liability exposures.  It is important for businesses using drones to make sure they are adequately protected.  Drones are considered aircraft and most commercial liability policies exclude injury or damage caused by aircraft. 

A drone striking and injuring someone, distracting a driver resulting in an automobile accident or a drone causing property damage, are just some examples of incidents involving drones that can lead to a lawsuit against the owner. 

If your business is using drones, or considering using drones in the future, contact your insurance broker to make sure you are properly protected.


Andy Mattice

Andy Mattice

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