Investing in your goals: by Gael Bishop, Professional Fitness and Motivational Coach

Investing in Your Goals

Question:  What time is the best time to set a goal?

Answer:  Anytime!!!!!…

There is something about “new beginnings”, “a fresh start” or even just hitting the “reset” button that can fuel so much enthusiasm…yet the key is to keep that enthusiasm alive until that goal is achieved. There are many options available today to help get and keep you motivated but it will still take some discipline and commitment. Our digital world is full of gadgets and apps to get you moving, keep you accountable and in the process become informed about making good, healthy lifestyle choices.

But at the end of the day having a formula to always fall back on or even to use when getting serious about setting any goal whether it be a fitness goal, professional career goal or a goal to change your daily routine, is important.

I have developed my own personal Goal Setting Model called…INVEST…when you set a goal I believe that it must have certain components and/or personal elements that I call “Investments” .  I have given a brief description of each element I think is important to this Model and questions to help you be clear on your own personal goal-setting path.

Have a look…


  • Inward:  is it coming from “Within”?…sometimes an external drive towards a goal can be too “cosmetic”, easily disposable and less authentic to who you really are. Keep it close to your heart and within your value system. It should excite you just to think about it and become apart of how you see your future whether it be immediate or off in the distance.
  • New:  is it a New goal or do you still have some unfinished business from a previous goal?  You would be surprised how hitting the “Reset-Recommit” button can bring a feeling of “New and Improved”.  Living in a world of seasons, change, anniversaries etc. allows us rehearsal time to learn fresh is good and that everything has a life span. Besides you can only start from where you are at the moment, not where you were.
  • Visual:  can you see it?  When you close your eyes can you see yourself accomplishing this goal?  A picture is worth a thousand words. Mindset and acting out in the mind can bring about actualization of your goal and that seeing really is believing. Your minds eye can integrate the many things you have experienced over a life time and develop them into a bigger picture for you to strive for…many times I have seen my goals are influenced by a combination of experiences and inspirations alike. I am always watching others for ideas, knowledge and growth and how it can enhance the quality of my own life.
  • Emotional:  when you visualize your goal, does it feel right?  Is it important to you and are you excited about it? It must excite, ignite and bring you to life. There will be times when you are challenged to get to your goal or groom it in the direction it needs to in order to be real. Without an emotional relationship with your own goal, the drive to overcome obstacles hindering progress will fade and soon you will be left with a void to fill that may be filled with poor lifestyle choices that could upset your entire goal setting model for anything.
  • Serious:  Are you serious about your goal?  How serious you are will directly influence your commitment to your goal and impact your outcome.  Tell friends, post reminders and become accountable for yourself. Get serious and don’t take time and life for granted to be filled up my mindless or purposeless tasks or habits. Get real and intimate with the outcome of what it is you really want to visit that passion everyday. To be serious is to say you value and are present with the quality of your life and the arrangements you are making with yourself to have a full and abundant life.
  • Timeline:  what is an APPROPRIATE amount of time to accomplish this goal?  Be fair and realistic to your self and entertain any events or things that may interrupt your pace towards your goal…make a list and be prepared for alternate “routes”…Don’t let anything get in your way!  Life happens but so do WE happen…develop a strategy to maneuver your way through pit stops and unforeseen events. Time is ticking even as you read this article and time is very precious. Time is a privilege not a right so I encourage you to sit quietly and ask yourself if it’s time to set that GOAL…to get it done and to CREATE your life as you see, feel and think it should be.


Gael Bishop, CPT-American College of Sports Medicine

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Gael BishopGael A. Bishop is a Certified Personal Trainer and Indoor Cycling Instructor who has been in the fitness industry for over 18 years.  She has trained clients of all fitness levels and backgrounds from professional athletes to exercise “new-comers” alike.

Gael currently lives in Huntsville, Ontario where she contracts her personal training business ~ Fitness From Within, at Snap Fitness. Gael teaches indoor cycling 4 days a week and personally trains clients who are looking for mindset and focused-based training. She can be reached at 705-783-4101 (C/T), email: [email protected] or FaceBook Fitness From Within.